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7 Tips to Stay Healthy this Fall

for Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Beyond

Oct 08, 2014

As temperatures change, cold and flu season begins, making it imperative to be on your guard at all times in order to stay healthy. Here are a few tips to help you avoid catching colds during the fall season.

Get the Flu Shot

First things first: vaccinate. The surest way to avoid catching the flu is to get the shot. They are fairly common at clinics and pharmacies, and are often offered for free.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water will  facilitate a more regulated functioning of your system, and therefore help prevent colds.

Sweet red bell peppersBoost Immunity                 

Eat foods high in vitamin C, such as sweet red peppers and oranges – yes sweet peppers actually have more vitamin C in them than oranges do! Probiotics in yogurt also help boost immunity.

Stick to a Schedule

Setting a schedule for yourself to wake up, work out, eat breakfast, and go to sleep will help your body produce healthy adrenal glands. These will enable your entire body to do what it needs, so create a schedule and stick to it.


Take advantage of the cooler weather by exercising outside. Because we live in Florida, when it’s still too warm for exercise outside, keep your routine by exercising inside.

Eat Healthy

Every fall, we are tempted by Halloween candy and game day snacks. Replace these cravings with healthy sweets like pumpkin, or healthy snacks like veggie plates.

Don’t Overdo It                                              

Another obstacle to good health can come with the temptation that is Thanksgiving. Everyone wants to eat as much as they can, but it would be wiser to take it slow. Practice portion control and just have a little bit of everything.

Bradenton Insurance wants to help you stay your healthiest this fall with health insurance. Learn more by visiting our website today! 

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