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4 Winter Ladder Safety Tips for Hanging (and Taking Down) Christmas Lights

for Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Beyond

Dec 26, 2014

Some of us only take the ladder out twice a year—to hang Christmas lights, and to take them down again a month later. If this describes you, then you could probably use a refresher on proper ladder safety.

By following a few basic ladder safety guidelines, you could avoid being one of the estimated 15,000 people in the U.S. who experience holiday decorating injuries every year. Here are 4 tips for using a ladder to hang (and take down) your Christmas lights this winter:

Check your ladder’s weight limit

Each ladder will be rated based on how much weight it is designed to carry. While there are different rating systems, it’s a good idea to check the weight limit of your particular ladder before climbing up it.

Inspect your ladder for damage

It’s better to discover that your ladder has been damaged before you set it up, rather than when you’re 15 feet off the ground. Look for bent or broken parts, and when you initially set it up make sure it’s not unsteady and that nothing is loose.

Set up your ladder using the “4 to 1” rule

Always follow the “4 to 1” rule for extension ladders: for every 4 feet of ladder, the base should be 1 foot away from the wall. Therefore, the base of a 16-foot ladder should be 4 feet away from the wall.

Climb the ladder with caution, one person at a time

While climbing, maintain a tight grip on both sides of the ladder and don’t go past the 3rd rail from the top. You should always be facing toward the ladder the entire time, and be sure to situate yourself in the middle of the rungs. Remember: no more than one person should be on the ladder at any given time.

Bradenton Insurance wants you to have a jolly, safe holiday season (and a happy new year)! Visit our blog for more insurance and safety tips, updated regularly!

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