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Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agency?

for Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Beyond

Feb 03, 2015

Finding the right insurance coverage for all of your needs is a big job, and working with an insurance agency can be a great way to find what’s right for you. 

Here are a few notable benefits of working with an independent insurance agent (vs. captive agents who only work with one insurance company).  

1. Competitive Rates

Because independent insurance agencies have forged relationships with many insurance companies, they can offer you competitive rates.  By working with an independent insurance agency, you can insure that the rate you receive is the best available across numerous companies.

2. More Great Options

Working with an independent agency also ensures that you will have many options to choose from.  This means you won’t get stuck with a policy you don’t like.

3. A Customized Policy

When you work with an independent insurance agency, you will be sure to obtain a policy that is customized to your needs. After we get to know you, we’ll be able to find the best combination of coverages and get you in the policy that makes the most sense.  

4. One Stop Insurance Shopping

With an independent insurance agency, you can find policies for all of your insurance needs at one place, even if you ultimately choose policies from several different companies.

5. Regular Reevaluation

As you build a relationship with your independent agent, you will have the opportunity to return and reevaluate your insurance policy as your needs change.

The experts at Bradenton Insurance are here to help you find the best insurance policy possible.  Visit our website today for more information!

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