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How to Babyproof Your House

for Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Beyond

May 27, 2015


Expecting parents have many things to consider as they prepare for a baby. One of the most important tasks to complete is babyproofing your home. While this task may seem daunting at first, especially for first-time parents, we’ve got everything you need to know to get started.

The Basics

No matter how confident you may, or may not be in the babyproofing process, here are some simple ideas to help you create a plan of attack:

·         Create a map of your home or apartment and decide which rooms need the most work. Start with these rooms first and work your way to smaller, more detailed tasks.

·         In whatever room you are in, begin by having the baby’s perspective in mind. Get on your hands and knees to see what they see.

·         Enlist help! Your parents or others with children can offer great tips and advice on what has worked best for them and which babyproofing materials should be considered.

By using these basic tips, you’ll have a great head start and more confidence!


Babyproofing your furniture is often the biggest task. Rough edges and corners need to be cushioned, cabinet doors need to be locked, and large pieces of furniture need to be anchored down. It is also important to look at what is physically on the furniture; hazardous materials and fragile objects should be kept far out of reach.


All outlets should be covered when not in use. Snap-in protectors are the most common for this job and are very affordable. Next, do your best to bundle all the cords together and store them in a place where your baby can’t reach them. When bundling the cords, use a tie that won’t come apart easily and become tangled.


Baby gates and playpens are essential when your baby is moving about. It is most often suggested to place the gate at the bottom of the stairs. If you are upstairs, use the baby gate on a door to a room instead. Gates at the top of a stairwell can become dangerous for children and adults alike.

Other Hazards

Other potential hazards to consider include fireplaces, appliances, medicines, and bathrooms. The best rule to apply in these cases is supervision. No amount of babyproofing can substitute for your watchful, loving eyes. 

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