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10 Tips for Staying Focused on the Road

for Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Beyond

Jun 18, 2015

Driving distracted is dangerous and deadly, not only to yourself but also to the other drivers you share the road with. In 2013, 3,154 motorists were unfortunately killed in an accident involving a distracted driver and another 424,000 were injured.

Of the distracted drivers involved in fatal crashes, 27% were in their 20’s, while another 10% were under the age of 20.

Though these statistics are startling and clearly highlight an existing danger in our society,  it should be noted that in the United States around 660,000 drivers are using a cellphone or electronic device at any moment, and over 153.3 billion text messages are sent every month.

Phone calls and text messages aren’t the only distraction, however. The top 10 deadliest distractions are: 

  •          Smoking-related
  •          Moving objects like pets or insects
  •          In-car controls
  •          Adjusting audio and air
  •          Eating or drinking
  •          Reaching for an object
  •          Other passengers
  •          Outside people, objects or events
  •          Cell phone use
  •          Mindless thinking

These 10 deadly driving distractions highlight that fact that distracted driving can be prevented. While being genuinely distracted or “lost in thought” is easy to unconsciously commit, there are still ways to prevent this mindless thinking from occurring. Follow these 10 tips to help avoid distracted driving and protect yourself: 

      Unplug: Turn off your phone, stash your tablet, and disconnect from any other devices that could be tempting to handle while driving. 

     Organize: Before you hit the road, organize your belongings so you don’t have to rummage, reach, or multitask behind the wheel.

      Prepare: Don’t bring clothing or grooming supplies to use in the car. Finish all grooming (i.e. makeup, shaving, etc.) and dressing before you drive.

      Eat Early: Avoid the distraction of food by eating or snacking sufficiently before driving. If necessary, stay away from messy foods on the road.

      Pull Over: If there is a distraction that simply cannot wait, pull your car over and address the issue in a safe location.

      Adjust: Before driving, adjust all necessary controls like radio station, volume, heat or air, mirrors, seats, belts, etc.

      Passenger Assistance: If an event arises that needs to be addressed or if you feel tempted to be distracted, ask your passengers to help complete your task.

      Compact: Gather any clutter or loose articles that could be distracting if they are loose in the car. Don’t reach to pick them up while driving.

      Secure: Ensure your pets and children are secure before hitting the road.

      Focus: Be sure to use mirrors, proper signaling and accurate speeds to help keep your attention on the road.

For more information on how to prevent distracted driving, to learn more about roadway safety or to request a free auto insurance quote, visit Bradenton Insurance, today. 

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