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What Are Exclusions And How Do They Work?

for Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Beyond

Aug 12, 2015

Insurance provides protection for your family, your home, your car, and your health. But insurance doesn’t protect against everything.

Most insurance policies have exclusions, which are things that your insurance will not cover. If, for example your homeowners insurance policy excludes earthquake damage, you’ll have to cover the cost of repairing any earthquake damage on your own.

Exclusions vary from policy to policy, so it is essential to take a look at your specific coverage—here is what you should know about common insurance exclusions:

Health Insurance

Laws have recently changed to provide insurance coverage, even when there is a pre-existing condition, but other common health insurance exclusions include: 

  •          Chiropractor visits
  •          Cosmetic surgeries
  •          Dental care
  •          Vision care
  •          Medical supplies
  •          Autism, dyslexia, ADHD and other behavioral and learning disorders
  •          Alternative medical treatments like acupuncture and massages 

Look at your current health insurance policy to be sure it covers the things you care about. You may be able to purchase additional coverage or find another policy. For example many insurance providers offer separate dental and vision plans that will pay for treatment and doctor visits.

Auto Insurance

There are many types of auto insurance coverage available, and coverage will vary greatly from policy to policy. For example, someone who only has collision coverage may have to pay for damage caused by vandalism, while someone with comprehensive coverage could rely on insurance for this. Evaluate your needs and your current policy.

No matter the policy you choose, there will likely be some exclusions. Common exclusions include intentional damage and damage that occurs when the vehicle is being used to transport people or property in exchange for money (i.e. taxi service).

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance usually excludes: 

  •          Flood damage
  •          Damage that results from neglect
  •          Earthquake damage
  •          Damage caused by war
  •          Damage caused by government action 

Many homeowners choose to purchase additional coverage for certain natural disasters to provide additional protection in the event of that occurrence.

To learn more about insurance policies and what they cover, visit Bradenton Insurancefor a quote. 

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