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Commercial Property

for Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Beyond

Your business represents an enormous investment of time and money. Protect your future success and business assets with commercial property insurance from Bradenton Insurance. With property insurance, you’ll get a wide range of coverage for your business assets including: buildings, equipment, tools, business personal property, and more. You’ll be protected from events like fire, wind, vandalism, theft, and natural or manmade disasters.

What You Need to Know

There’s no one-size-fits-all commercial property policy. Since your business is unique you need a policy that’s tailored to meet your specific needs.

Commercial Buildings

  • Coverage for replacement and repair costs to structural damage.

Business Personal Property

  • Coverage for furniture, fixtures, equipment, tools, inventory, etc. at a specified location. You should note that property policies tend to have limited coverage for property taken away from the specified location. If you have equipment that is frequently taken off-site to various locations, you need an inland marine policy, often referred to as an equipment or installation floater. At Bradenton Insurance, we take the time to make sure your policies are set up correctly.

Business Interruption

  • Coverage that reimburses a business owner for lost profits and fixed expenses during the time their business is closed for restoration after a covered event like fire, wind loss, flood, etc. Bradenton Insurance strongly recommends this coverage, as the vast majority of businesses cannot afford to withstand an interruption in business and reopen their doors when restoration is complete.

Builder’s Risk

  • Coverage for a building that is currently under construction

Building Ordinance

  • Coverage for the additional cost of bringing a building up to current construction codes.

Electronic Data Processing (EDP)

  • Coverage specifically designed to protect your computer related equipment. Most commercial property policies have limited coverage for computer networks. EDP broadens the causes of loss to include things like power surges and virus attacks.

At Bradenton Insurance, we will help you determine the types of property coverage and limits that are necessary for your business.

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